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As a high-tech company, Techwin is specialized in continuous engineering, manufacturing and supplying of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and laser sources for scientific research and industrial applications in fields of LiDAR, fiber optic sensing, laser communication, fiber optic communication, etc.


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  • What is Optical Heterodyne Detection

    Heterodyne detection (also called coherent detection) is a detection method which was originally developed in the field of radio waves and microwaves. There, a weak input signal is mixed with some strong “local oscillator” wave in some nonlinear device such as a rectifier, and the resulting mixin...

  • What is Distributed Rayleigh Sensing

    Rayleigh Backscattering (RBS) in optical fiber is a fundamental phenomenon caused by random fluctuations in the index profile along the fiber optic length. Optical reflectometry is the best tool to obtain RBS signals of fiber laser with a distributed way along the fiber and is widely used as a no...

  • Introduction To BOTDR Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

    BOTDR Brillouin Reflectometer BOTDR (Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer). Another kind of reflectometers is based on the Brillouin scattering. In the typical reflectometers the Rayleigh scattering is employed for analysis. The BOTDR reflectometer utilizes the phenomenon of the fiber lase...

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