3D Laser Scanning And Laser Ranging

Applications of incoherent time-of-flight (TOF) LIDAR

• Earth and environmental sciences --- topographic survey, LIDAR mapping, glacier monitoring, coastline changes, deforestation, etc.;
• Automobile --- collision avoidance, speed measurement, robotic vehicle guidance;

Time of Flight (TOF) → LIDAR for Distance Ranging

Most LIDAR system utilize pulse method, especially the LIDAR to measure the distance through determining the time taken by the light to fly back and forth to the object.

Requirements of light source in distance ranging LIDAR

• Laser wavelength: in theory, any wavelength can be used on the basis of eye-safe operating wavelengths;
• Output power: the higher the better, while considering other performance parameters;
• Operating temperature range is critical, such as airborne LIDAR;
• Wavelength stability assists improving signal-to-noise ratio through noise filtering;