Autonomous Driving

LIDAR is a kind of key sensors that play a critical role in ensuring safe and reliable operation for autonomous driving and assisted driving. Techwin offers CKLID-1550 series pulsed fiber lasers to meet the growing market demand of self-driving vehicles. These fiber lasers are designed with eye-safe operating wavelength of 1550nm, featuring excellent performance that can fully satisfy demanding requests of high-end LIDAR system in the field of autonomous driving and assisted driving.

Features of CKLID-1550 series pulsed fiber laser

1. Output peak power ranges from hundred watts to 30kW, and repetition rate is selectable and adjustable from 1kHz to 3MHz, suitable for LIDAR systems with different operating distances. The pulsed fiber laser is capable of providing users with high-resolution point cloud data by 3D scanning;

2. Providing single-mode fiber output and near diffraction-limited beam quality, output laser beam with smaller divergence angle (DA) can be achieved, suitable for high-precision sensors in automotive LIDAR system;
3. Pulse width is selectable from 0.5ns to 250ns, can meet the requirement of high spatial resolution of the LIDAR system for autonomous driving and assisted driving;
4. Small package size, various package shapes such as cylindrical shape and rectangular shape are available; the fiber lasers can be provided with multiple outputs according to customer requirements, featuring robust and reliable structure and low power consumption, suitable for automotive LIDAR system and distributed LIDAR sensor system;
5. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +65°C, these pulsed fiber lasers have passed multiple tests including vibrating and impacting to satisfy the requirement of automotive LIDAR system in adapting to various difficult working environments;