Coherent Doppler LIDAR For Wind Sensing

Coherent Doppler LIDAR (CDL) is being used in wind speed measuring application, it has small size, high measurement accuracy and excellent temporal and spatial resolution. Compared to conventional microwave radar, the coherent Doppler LIDAR has exceptional advantages in wind speed measurement, especially in clear air wind fields such as clear air turbulence detection.

Applications Of Coherent Doppler LIDAR (CDL)

• Numerical weather prediction (NWP) --- wind speed profile, wind vector data, prediction of local real-time wind direction and speed, etc.;
• Aviation safety --- clear air turbulence, low-level wind shear, wake vortex;
• Green energy -- wind power

Operating Mode Of Coherent Doppler LIDAR (CDL)

• Continuous-wave CDL: used for short-distance wind measurement, such as wind power;
• Pulsed CDL: used for medium and long-distance wind speed measurement