Fiber Optic Sensing

Phase-Sensitive Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Φ-OTDR) Sensing System

Utilizing distributed optical fiber sensing system based on φ-OTDR, it makes the security monitoring system not only has characteristics of electromagnetic interference resistance, corrosion resistance and high sensitivity, but also has the advantages of good concealment, accurate alarm positioning, simple data processing, suitable for large area and long distance monitoring and surveillance in real-time.

Brillouin OTDR (BOTDR) Sensing System

Brillouin OTDR (BOTDR) distributed fiber sensing system is featured by excellent real-time performance, high spatial resolution and measurement accuracy, as well as simple structure.
1550nm wavelength is adopted due to its lower loss in the fiber;

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) System

Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is used for spatial positioning in distributed temperature sensing system, and the pulse width determines the spatial resolution. ROTDR based distributed temperature sensing system commonly uses laser wavelengths of 915nm, 1064nm, 1550nm, etc. Among which, the 1550nm laser source is generally used in long-distance DTS system for temperature measurement.