Autonomous Driving

LIDAR is a kind of key sensors that play a critical role in ensuring safe and reliable operation for autonomous driving and assisted driving. Techwin offers CKLID-1550 series pulsed fiber lasers to meet the growing market demand of self-driving vehicles. These fiber lasers are designed with eye-safe operating wavelength of 1550nm, featuring excellent performance that can fully satisfy demanding requests of high-end LiDAR system in the field of autonomous driving and assisted driving.

Coherent Doppler LiDAR For Wind Sensing

Coherent Doppler LIDAR (CDL) is being used in wind speed measuring application, it has small size, high measurement accuracy and excellent temporal and spatial resolution. Compared to conventional microwave radar, the coherent Doppler LiDAR has exceptional advantages in wind speed measurement, especially in clear air wind fields such as clear air turbulence detection.

3D Laser Scanning And Laser Ranging

Earth and environmental sciences --- topographic survey, LIDAR mapping, glacier monitoring, coastline changes, deforestation, etc.;
Automobile --- collision avoidance, speed measurement, robotic vehicle guidance;
Most LiDAR system utilize pulse method, especially the LiDAR to measure the distance through determining the time taken by the light to fly back and forth to the object.