Long Pulsed Single Frequency Fiber Laser (Polarization Maintaining)

Laser modules and components, Industrial fiber lasers

The long pulsed single frequency polarization-maintaining fiber laser is a modularized pulsed fiber laser designed for long-distance coherent Doppler wind LiDAR application. Based on eye-safe operating wavelength, the fiber laser is suited for long-pulse applications, can produce a single-mode linearly polarized output.

Integrated with our particularly designed single frequency narrow linewidth seed laser source, the narrow linewidth can be down to 5kHz. Utilizing the cascaded acousto-optic modulator (AOM) to produce pulse signal with high turn-off ratio, the extinction ratio can exceed 100dB.

This single frequency fiber laser adopts design of all polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber, achieving high polarization extinction ratio (PER) output. According to the requirements of application, high power three-port optical circulator can be integrated at the output end.


• Coherent Doppler LiDAR for wind sensing
• Environmental monitorin
• Pollution monitoring
• Other scientific research tasks

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